An Introduction to the W3C DOM

Thursday June 17th, 1999

Mitch Gould has brought to our attention an article he did for WebReview entitled "The DOM in Version 5 Browsers". I'll let Mitch give you the lowdown:

"...a clear, concise introduction to cross-browser DHTML using the W3C DOM, complete with a working example that creates, modifies, and destroys a table. This example also illustrates the model/view/controller design pattern for user interfaces built with the DOM. BONUS: get the animated 'gryphon' W3C DOM badge to embed in your pages that use the DOM API."

#7 Re:An Introduction to the W3C DOM

by Anon

Friday June 18th, 1999 3:41 PM

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I apologize for being off-topic, but as this discussion has already been hijacked re: DSSSL here is an answer from Bugzilla -- <>

-- Now, perhaps this can be the last off-topic post?