An Introduction to the W3C DOM

Thursday June 17th, 1999

Mitch Gould has brought to our attention an article he did for WebReview entitled "The DOM in Version 5 Browsers". I'll let Mitch give you the lowdown:

"...a clear, concise introduction to cross-browser DHTML using the W3C DOM, complete with a working example that creates, modifies, and destroys a table. This example also illustrates the model/view/controller design pattern for user interfaces built with the DOM. BONUS: get the animated 'gryphon' W3C DOM badge to embed in your pages that use the DOM API."

#17 Re:An Introduction to the W3C DOM

by mle <>

Monday June 21st, 1999 7:32 AM

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I should a clarification - the author does discuss XML in another section of his article and gives an adequate explanation of what the DOM is. My complaint is that you don't these basics until you dig down in the article and I believe most readers will come away from a quick reading rather misinformed about the relationship between the DOM and DHTML. I do understand that the author has tried to approach the material from familiar ground, so please take my criticism with a grain of salt.

On the other hand, I believe the assessment of Gecko vs IE is colored in large measure by the DHTML emphasis. I personally have found core DOM, dynamic programming done in the browser in what I consider the clean way, to be much better in Gecko although admittedly I know my way around the bugs. I do think IE is relatively speaking a mess while Gecko will be good when it is done. I share the author's concern that they _both_ get it right and hopefully eventually they will.

Michael Leventhal Doczilla Team