An Introduction to the W3C DOM

Thursday June 17th, 1999

Mitch Gould has brought to our attention an article he did for WebReview entitled "The DOM in Version 5 Browsers". I'll let Mitch give you the lowdown:

"...a clear, concise introduction to cross-browser DHTML using the W3C DOM, complete with a working example that creates, modifies, and destroys a table. This example also illustrates the model/view/controller design pattern for user interfaces built with the DOM. BONUS: get the animated 'gryphon' W3C DOM badge to embed in your pages that use the DOM API."

#13 Re:An Introduction to the W3C DOM

by Anon

Saturday June 19th, 1999 12:55 PM

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"I might want to remind the people who read the above article that IE5 has holes in its W3C's implementation of DOM the size how much water covers the earth."

Mozilla and I have been trading e-mails on this subject, and Eric quoted an early Web Standards .Org analysis criticizing Microsoft's DOM implementation while praising the game plans at Mozilla. I agree this is quite significant.

My gripes were borne of several rank-novice experiences in hacking DOM and other DHTML approaches in Mozilla, where I found MSIE5, once I began to try it, was far more prone than Gecko to support the published DOM and DHTML APIs. (For one instance among many, as near as I can recall, I was trying to modify OPTIONS in a SELECT object... Not necessarily a DOM thing. I could go on for pages...)

What's the real situation? I'd be glad to set the record straight IF Web Review will be so gracious as to allow me to make further changes to the article. We've been through an unusually arduous spate of version-control problems during the editing, so I can't promise a dang thing on THEIR behalf...

Wiser heads than I, I'd like to get your guidance. You can get me at <>.

Ciao Mitch