Third-party Work on New Menubar for Mozilla

Thursday June 17th, 1999

Arielb has an interesting piece of news:

"Ben Goodger is working an interesting theme for mozilla with a nice preliminary shot here.

Notice that the menu bar now has a grippy just like the other toolbars. Unfortunately submenus don't work yet so bug #8397 was filed. But I think this is a superior approach for handling menus. Following up on that is this news[group] article. You can now play around with the chrome and note some of the issues involved."

#15 Re:Third-party Work on New Menubar for Mozilla

by Ben_Goodger

Saturday June 19th, 1999 10:59 PM

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If the menus were HTML based on Win32, the extras suggested by German would be possible, however this would not be possible with the static Mac menus, which resemble the static Win32 menus in their rigidity. Actually changing the appearance of the OS shell is probably outside the scope of Moz, as you said, you can use Kaleidoscope to do that stuff for you. I thought button menus might be nice on Windows anyway since the only Kaleidoscope-like program I've seen on Win32 is a buggy, slow program called Windowblinds which is cute for about three minutes before becoming annoying. ;-)

I'm not sure I'm completely fond of the idea of moving the menubar around though, although this does come with Toolbar territory.. this is altogether too easy to do in VisualC++. (has anyone noticed the new MS menubars can be arranged vertically? ... all the menu text gets rotated 90deg. (!!))..