Third-party Work on New Menubar for Mozilla

Thursday June 17th, 1999

Arielb has an interesting piece of news:

"Ben Goodger is working an interesting theme for mozilla with a nice preliminary shot here.

Notice that the menu bar now has a grippy just like the other toolbars. Unfortunately submenus don't work yet so bug #8397 was filed. But I think this is a superior approach for handling menus. Following up on that is this news[group] article. You can now play around with the chrome and note some of the issues involved."

#13 Re:Third-party Work on New Menubar for Mozilla

by Ben_Goodger

Friday June 18th, 1999 8:23 PM

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The intent, as far as I was ever concerned, was to have everything in system colours. The build of Moz I started hacking on had a purple look, which I quite liked, so I converted my system colours to match. At the moment, the colours appear to be "hard coded" into the CSS files, but as Tekhir says, this can be replaced with CSS properties. As for the macintosh.. I proposed a third type of menu definition on the NG. This would provide the best of both worlds. A single bit of XUL that would be read by Win9x and used to create toolbar-style menus, and on the Mac to populate the standard menu. The parsing would be slightly different on each platform. As the parsing has to be different on each platform anyway, this would mean you'd have a customisable menu on the Win32 platform, and a menu on the Mac platform (albeit without the doodads), but specified by a single bit of XUL. This would have the bonus effect that 3rd party skin developers wouldnt need to develop separate versions for each OS. Now, altering the parsing engine for a new menu XUL element may be tricky, but it may be best for the end user (or end developer) if there is a good foundation to build on from the start, rather than having limitations and being stuck with them for the year or more until Netscape 6.0. My idea is that if Mozilla wants to be as powerful as its builds seem to suggest, it should pull out all the stops. This may sound superfluous for menus, but you never know what's around the corner.

Unfortunately, despite my ambition, I'm no C++ programmer. Perhaps someone who is and has a minute or two available could help out ;-)