Third-party Work on New Menubar for Mozilla

Thursday June 17th, 1999

Arielb has an interesting piece of news:

"Ben Goodger is working an interesting theme for mozilla with a nice preliminary shot here.

Notice that the menu bar now has a grippy just like the other toolbars. Unfortunately submenus don't work yet so bug #8397 was filed. But I think this is a superior approach for handling menus. Following up on that is this news[group] article. You can now play around with the chrome and note some of the issues involved."

#12 Re:Third-party Work on New Menubar for Mozilla

by Tekhir

Friday June 18th, 1999 7:57 PM

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I now David hyatt (sorry if I misspelled your name) said CSS2 could give you system colors. I checked the spec and I found it in the 18th section. <…SS2/ui.html#system-colors>

quick CSS example of dialog color

background: Menu;

I'm not sure how much of CSS2 is in Mozilla, but I'm pretty sure at least this piece should be in there if NS/Moz is going to use it.