Java2 in Navigator 5?

Tuesday June 15th, 1999

According to Alan Baratz of Sun, Java2 will be an integrated part of Navigator 5. I assume "integrated" means that it will utilize OJI, which should allow for their JVM to be replaced by another company's if desired.

Thanks to Bill Lynch for the news.

#16 Re:Java2 in Navigator 5?

by beej <>

Thursday June 17th, 1999 5:45 PM

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People have been speculating that this is due to a rift between MS and Intel that has been festering for some time. Don't look at me - I didn't say it originally. I believe it was either reported at The Register: <> or at Slashdot: <> but that was a little while back, so you may not find the story there. Still, it is somewhat interesting - coupled with the fact that MS is eyeing the new Elbrus E2K processor, for reasons unknown to me...

And now I've helped this whole forum get incredibly off-topic... ^_^

-Brendan "Beej" Dery