Communicator 4.61 Out

Tuesday June 15th, 1999

A new Communicator is at the ftp site, with more bugfixes. ZuperDee writes, "For those of you waiting patiently for Communicator 5.0 to be released, Netscape has now released 4.61. It contains some security enhancements, and various bugfixes. You can find it here. Notice that it is now in a different place from where it used to go."

Thanks to ZuperDee and Peter Fabian for the news.

#8 Re:Communicator 4.61 Out

by zuperdee

Tuesday June 15th, 1999 7:15 PM

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To arielb: The reason I say 4.x is garbage is not because of the features/UI. On that front, yes I like 4.x's feature set. I think 4.x is easier to use in some ways than MSIE. But 4.x also came out with far too many bugs.

And I am not the only one who thinks this. To quote Jamie Zawinski:

[When was created], I strongly believed that Netscape was no longer capable of shipping products. Netscape's engineering department had lost the single-minded focus we once had, on shipping something useful and doing it fast. That was no longer happening. Netscape was shipping garbage, and shipping it late.

And daring move or no, this was not going to change: Netscape no longer had the talent, either in engineering or management, to ship quality products. The magic was gone, as the magicians had either moved on to more compelling companies, or were having their voices lost in the din of the crowd, swamped by the mediocrity around them.

The Netscape I cared about was dead.

And from <>:

Our goal was for 5.0 to be a high quality release, and it is a little disappointing that we didn't get a chance to redeem ourselves after doing 4.0, which we allowed out of the building with more bugs than we should have (but you never heard that from me.)