Communicator 4.61 Out

Tuesday June 15th, 1999

A new Communicator is at the ftp site, with more bugfixes. ZuperDee writes, "For those of you waiting patiently for Communicator 5.0 to be released, Netscape has now released 4.61. It contains some security enhancements, and various bugfixes. You can find it here. Notice that it is now in a different place from where it used to go."

Thanks to ZuperDee and Peter Fabian for the news.

#7 Re:Communicator 4.61 Out

by Kovu <>

Tuesday June 15th, 1999 6:23 PM

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You're right arielb, though I don't think zuperdee meant Communicator being garbage in GUI, usability, etc. as he did the proprietary coding and all that which is garbage, really. And when you compare 4.x to 5.0, the fact that you can have Webmail accounts and multiple POP3 accounts on the same user, well, 4.x is garbage in that light. Don't get me wrong, I just ordered some IE-branded toilet paper the other day, and if Netscape is garbage, well . . . :)