Mozilla Dispenses with Old, Proprietary DOM

Monday June 14th, 1999

The Mozilla team has decided to forgo backwards compatibility with Netscape's proprietary DOM so they can throw their full efforts behind proper DOM Level 1 support for Mozilla's first release. Click here to read more at, or here to read the thread from the newsgroup.

Thanks to Kovu for the news.

#36 Re:Mozilla Dispenses with Old, Proprietary DOM

by Anon

Saturday June 19th, 1999 11:52 AM

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"Mozilla is NOT Netscape, never was, never will be."

How do you figure??? Considering there are only a handfull of non-Netscape employees that contribute code to this project, and Netscape/AOL funding runs the community that hosts it. Without Netscape/AOL this project would be dead!!! Your statement may be true someday, but for now Mozilla is all Netscape.