Mozilla Dispenses with Old, Proprietary DOM

Monday June 14th, 1999

The Mozilla team has decided to forgo backwards compatibility with Netscape's proprietary DOM so they can throw their full efforts behind proper DOM Level 1 support for Mozilla's first release. Click here to read more at, or here to read the thread from the newsgroup.

Thanks to Kovu for the news.

#29 Re:Mozilla Dispenses with Old, Proprietary DOM

by SomeSmartAss

Wednesday June 16th, 1999 7:44 AM

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"If a site "breaks" because it uses a non-standard DOM, well, that's the price that an author pays for failing to author by specs."

No. Its the Browser manufacturer's fault(s), for not producing complient Browsers. I would love to code to spec, but then I try and test the darned pages.