Mozilla Dispenses with Old, Proprietary DOM

Monday June 14th, 1999

The Mozilla team has decided to forgo backwards compatibility with Netscape's proprietary DOM so they can throw their full efforts behind proper DOM Level 1 support for Mozilla's first release. Click here to read more at, or here to read the thread from the newsgroup.

Thanks to Kovu for the news.

#24 Re:Mozilla Dispenses with Old, Proprietary DOM

by beej <>

Tuesday June 15th, 1999 6:12 PM

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"I'm willing to bet that it's more like 90% are not doing things correctly, and 10% are only doing them almost correctly."

This is probably true in the case of people actually using the extensions. But what about the web sites that don't use *any* extra extensions on their site? I'm sure ~90% of the web is made up of people that don't implement any extra stuff on their site, since they don't know how to write it in the first place (eg. myself).

God knows, I'd *like* to try some DHTML or JavaScript. Unfortunately, I hate coding. ^_^

I think arielb is right when he says people will rewrite their websites if they want hits from users with new browsers. I know I'll be revamping my pages with Composer 5.0 when it appears in the final package... there *is* a standards-complient Composer being fashioned, right? I remember reading about it somewhere...

-Brendan "Beej" Dery