Mozilla Dispenses with Old, Proprietary DOM

Monday June 14th, 1999

The Mozilla team has decided to forgo backwards compatibility with Netscape's proprietary DOM so they can throw their full efforts behind proper DOM Level 1 support for Mozilla's first release. Click here to read more at, or here to read the thread from the newsgroup.

Thanks to Kovu for the news.

#22 Re:Mozilla Dispenses with Old, Proprietary DOM

by arielb

Tuesday June 15th, 1999 12:52 PM

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w3c is the way to go-of course. In many ways the standards are completely ahead of everyone-with a few exceptions of course. In the good old days this wasn't the case. Netscape couldn't rely on the w3c to make it easier for websites to look good so they came out with their own extensions. Netscape 3 really was a killer success and I remember the Netscape Now buttons on many websites. IE then turned more competitive and it's pretty clear that new extensions will only hurt the web instead of helping as they did in the past.