Second Survey Test

Sunday June 13th, 1999

Thanks to everyone who voted in the last survey test. This is the final test before the Animation Contest vote.

Click here to go to the second survey. It's a throwaway survey which asks you to rate your opinions of five Star Wars characters on a scale from 1 to 20. You must be a member to vote.

We've made a few changes to the layout of the survey page, and one major change to the functionality. To see the results, you must be a member, and you must have already voted. Just visit the survey page, enter your login name and password, and click the Submit button. If you have already voted, you will be shown the results (you see the results immediately after voting, as well). This is to prevent people from looking at the results before voting, which could bias their opinions.

If you voted in the previous survey, it's very important that you try voting in this survey as well.

#41 Re:A Young Boba Fett

by SomeSmartAss

Thursday June 17th, 1999 10:44 AM

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I don't see it. Whats the Tie in?

Initially, the character of Boba Fett was supposed to be female (a jilted love of Han's, I believe)

The only other info (I have) on Boba Fett is his "borrowed" Mandelorian Armour (an ancient race wiped out my the Jedi's), unless the Mandelorians resembled East Indians, I don't see the connection

Then again, I don't have a direct line to Mr. Lucas, so I can't realy say either way.

I want to know where Luke's "Aunt" & "Uncle" come from. Isn't Anakin an only child?