The Animation Contest Is Now Closed!

Thursday June 10th, 1999

The animation contest ended at 12:00 EST today. We didn't get as many entries as I expected, but the overall quality is much higher than in the previous contest. If you are finishing up an animation, we'll give you a little leeway - just get it into us quickly.

We still have one more public test of the survey code to do before we put up the animations for the final vote. That test will occur today or tomorrow, and the final vote sometime around the beginning of next week.

Thanks to all the entrants for their efforts!

#12 Re:English or Offensive

by SomeSmartAss

Thursday June 10th, 1999 5:37 PM

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That sounds like a bad 80's Metal cover band....

You know, the kind that thought that playing scales up through the octaves REALY FAST was cool.