Great Warpzilla Screenshots

Wednesday June 9th, 1999

Paulo Dias has great news and screenshots on their OS/2 port of Mozilla.

"...some news from John Fairhurst of the warpzilla project (OS/2 mozzila port): 'Warpzilla is currently floating around the m6 level (that is, on parity with the main platforms) with a few minor & one major exception (see below). I've stuck a couple of screenshots of the browser here -- the editor & various other minor applications seem to work; messenger brings up a 3-pane window but I haven't quite figured out how to point it at a mail- or newsserver.

The major exception is a strange kind of PM resource leak -- after quitting the program, random bits of windows stop painting properly,almost as though the stock of micro cached presentation spaces had been used up. This started happening back in January, but subsequently fixed itself; it's back.'

The screenshots are awesome.. check them out..."

#9 Re:Great Warpzilla Screenshots

by SomeSmartAss

Friday June 11th, 1999 7:22 AM

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The horizontal scroll bars definately must go. If you want to read the entire title (or extra info) than you can open it wider). Also, the ability to "undock" it, so it floats above (or behind, as long as there was any easy, and obvious, way to bring it to the front) would be nice too. If it is undocked, any links should be sent to the last browser window used, and give that window focus.