Bug Reporting Guidelines

Monday June 7th, 1999

Jan Leger from Mozilla's QA group has asked that everyone please take a look at the bug reporting guidelines before submitting a bug for Mozilla. Jan writes:

"More and more folks are using mozilla and writing bugs. This is great! What is not great is the quality of the bugs being written. Engineers and I spend many hours pinging back and forth with bug reporters regarding better info needed. We want to fix the bugs! But we need better bug writing."

Please check out the guidelines, and please continue to submit those bugs!

#9 Idiot poster

by Anon

Tuesday June 8th, 1999 8:45 AM

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Who exactly is this anonymous fool who keeps posting, and writing "I hate those patronizing <insert technological advance here>!"?

Please. Get a Life. *All* js windows are not patronizing. I trust with enough common sense to do the window tastefully.

And please, oh mighty anonymous one, tell us all how cookies are patronizing? Do you browse your cookie file often? Or do you just hate the idea of doing things efficiently?

-=Yusuf=-, flaming gently.

PS Realize that nobody cares if you disable cookies or javascript. Go ahead, and get a hammer and "disable" your fingers so you don't inadvertently post something quite as stupid again.