Mail/News Jobs

Sunday June 6th, 1999

The Mail/News team is looking for volunteers to implement some extra features for Mail/News that probably wouldn't make it into Seamonkey otherwise. Click here to read more.

Thanks to arielb for the news.

#7 Re:Mail/News Jobs

by SomeSmartAss

Tuesday June 8th, 1999 7:20 AM

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"perhaps it is to accomandate multiple pop3 accounts and stuff "


I've got two accounts, and when I can only check for 1 account at a time. Even worse, if you set the NSNotify to check for, say, "<>" and are browsing with "<>"'s user profile, NSNotify actually stops checking the account you specified, and starts checking the one your current profile is configured with.

also, a "view message properties", to view" option to check if the "new" messsage is worth reading, and an "ignore current messages" option would be nice too, if you don't particularly want to pull down you current stash of mail...

I think I posted on the wishlist newsgroup Waaaaay back.