Mail/News Jobs

Sunday June 6th, 1999

The Mail/News team is looking for volunteers to implement some extra features for Mail/News that probably wouldn't make it into Seamonkey otherwise. Click here to read more.

Thanks to arielb for the news.

#1 Re:Mail/News Jobs

by rgelb

Monday June 7th, 1999 4:54 PM

I saw in the list of things to do the rewrite of NSNotify. Why? It works fine right now in the NS 4.x. Let's not fix what ain't broken.

#2 Re:Mail/News Jobs

by Bruce

Monday June 7th, 1999 6:21 PM

Quite frankly, I don't see why they would want to redo the NSNotify utility either. I had gotten so used to using it, that once, when I was on a machine with only OE on it, I had gone and downloaded a variety of different freeware/shareware/trialware email notifiers: none of which even came close to NSNotify... except for JetMonitor, which was close... but no cigar.

#3 Re:Mail/News Jobs

by Jake

Monday June 7th, 1999 9:33 PM

My best guess is (and please understand, this is only a guess) that with the rewriting of the Mail/News program, the hooks have changed and therefore have to be updated... Also, I was reading some of the requested features today and it's also possible that they want to include funtionality for them in NSNotify (such as the ability to download new messages so when the mail client is opened, they're already there)...

That's all I can think of, otherwise, yes, it does work quite well...

(Gee Bruce, I don't want it to seem like I'm always going head-to-head w/you... :O)

#4 Re:Mail/News Jobs

by Anon

Monday June 7th, 1999 9:42 PM

I love NSNotify pretty much the way it is now, but since the engineers are doing a major streamlining of Communicator's major features I won't mind them doing that with the notify program as well. It might as well work smoothly with all the other new goodies going inside.

#5 Re:Mail/News Jobs

by heha97ad

Tuesday June 8th, 1999 5:14 AM

perhaps it is to accomandate multiple pop3 accounts and stuff

#6 Re:Mail/News Jobs

by jdh1973

Tuesday June 8th, 1999 6:20 AM

One of the more important things to accomplish is that mail filtering is done right. Like filtering of messages already in folders and filtering by example.

These functions may help to beat both OE and Eudora!

#7 Re:Mail/News Jobs

by SomeSmartAss

Tuesday June 8th, 1999 7:20 AM

"perhaps it is to accomandate multiple pop3 accounts and stuff "


I've got two accounts, and when I can only check for 1 account at a time. Even worse, if you set the NSNotify to check for, say, "" and are browsing with ""'s user profile, NSNotify actually stops checking the account you specified, and starts checking the one your current profile is configured with.

also, a "view message properties", to view" option to check if the "new" messsage is worth reading, and an "ignore current messages" option would be nice too, if you don't particularly want to pull down you current stash of mail...

I think I posted on the wishlist newsgroup Waaaaay back.

#8 Re:Mail/News Jobs

by SomeSmartAss

Tuesday June 8th, 1999 7:25 AM

"'ve got two accounts, and when I can only"

should be "... acounts, BUT I can ..."

"also, a "view message properties", to view" option "

should read "also, a "view message properties" option"

Man, I think some twit put decaf in my work's coffe maker....

#9 Re:Mail/News Jobs

by Bruce

Tuesday June 8th, 1999 8:18 AM

Hey Jake,

Head to Head? Not at all... actually, you stated a pretty good reason as to why they're doing what they're doing. :)

#10 Re:Mail/News Jobs

by rgelb

Tuesday June 8th, 1999 10:09 AM

I would volunteer for the job, but I am an expert in VB, not C. I can pass for a C programmer in DOS, but not anything else.

#11 Re:Mail/News Jobs

by Jake

Tuesday June 8th, 1999 2:34 PM

This may be a dumb question, but is NSNotify Win32 only??? Or does linux and/or mac have a "system tray" (or is there a completely different way of doing it??)

OK, make that a series of dumb questions...

#12 Re:Mail/News Jobs

by rgelb

Tuesday June 8th, 1999 3:11 PM

If NSNotify is win32 only, then I can do in VB :), I guess.