Scalable Vector Graphics In Mozilla!

Saturday June 5th, 1999

Jeremy Lea has started an SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) project for Mozilla. Click here to read his post in the layout newsgroup. We have his current screenshot here of a simple SVG file displaying in Mozilla.

He's looking for help, so please contact him if you are interesting in getting SVG into Mozilla.

#14 Re: Re:Scalable Vector Graphics In Mozilla!

by garrethg

Friday December 17th, 1999 3:57 AM

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But SVG documents are written in XML with all that entails...

Indexable by search engines

Scriptable via DOM API

Transformable via XSL

etc., etc.

JavaScript programmers like myself will be falling over ourselves to support SVG.

I don't think Flash has a real scripting interface to speak of, but I'm a bit out of date with Macromedia products. Realisticly speaking I don't think the Flash format has much of a future in the face of SVG, Macromedia may keep the name but it will probably become a SVG development tool.