Our Role In Netscape's Future...

Tuesday September 15th, 1998

Jason Kersey writes in with an interesting question for those involved in the Mozilla effort. Read on.

"You saw the features I talked about for 4.5, but now Netscape has posted a press release and has kicked off 'project turbo' which is aimed at win nt/9x users and getting Netscape back into their lives via defaulting all internet related things like browsing & email to Netscape& Netcenter. What I was wondering is, is this going to continue in 5.0 and are we going to have to do it? In my eyes, Navigator is becoming a tool just to get to Netcenter to make ad money for Netscape. Now that we are helping with the developement, are we contributing to Netscape's ad revenue also buy making sure all the 'smartbrowsing' and other stuff works? What do you think?"

#2 Re:Our Role In Netscape's Future...

by Greg Miller <>

Tuesday September 15th, 1998 2:40 PM

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Um, I don't see how any of this is a problem... Netscape profits from other people's work the same way RedHat does. That's why so many people are opposed to Richard Stallman, they figure that developers should be the ones profiting from their work...