First Survey Test

Saturday June 5th, 1999

In preparation for our upcoming vote in the Mozilla Throbber Animation contest, we are testing our new survey code. The survey (and the contest vote) are open to mozillaZine members only, to limit "ballot-box stuffing".

In our first test survey, we ask you to rate some options for our talkback forums. Please be sure to choose a rating for all of the options - your submission won't be accepted otherwise. You will notice some incongruity in the labeling of the choices - this code was initially designed as a survey for "wishes" for Mozilla, and we haven't finished the move to a generic survey yet. Changes will be made before the next test. We will be performing another test of this code in a few days.

Important Note: I neglected to mention it, but the ranking is on a scale from 1 to 20, not 1 to 10. Please take note of this when you vote.

To get started, click here. To view the results, click here. Send any bugs to this address.

Update: The survey is back online - the code to disable multiple postings had been commented out! Sheesh. That made the results of the survey invalid. So, I've recreated the survey, and you can vote again, and hopefully this time it'll work.

#22 Re:First Survey Test

by mozineAdmin

Monday June 7th, 1999 7:40 AM

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"I noticed that the sites I visit and read the most all have flat comment display."

I tend to agree. For one thing, it keeps everyone involved in the discussion. It also tends to keep the discussion more focused. Well, most of the time.

If I did implement a threaded version, it would be an alternative to viewing the messages flat. However, that creates this problem: if you view a threaded discussion in flat mode, discussions are broken up, and it's difficult to track them. I could, technically, provide links to parent messages in the headers of a flat displayed forum, but then we're only accomodating, instead of necessarily providing the best experience.