Please Test Talkback

Sunday May 30th, 1999

We have made some internal changes (no visible changes) to our talkback section, so please test it out by posting test posts here. We're especially interested in test posts from members.

UPDATE: The member area is now back online. I encourage people who are already members to make sure that they can still access their account information - go to members, choose Edit An Existing User Account. No need to change any of your information, but if you can log in there and see your info, then everything is fine. I have tested this on my own account, and created a few others, and everything seems to be in order.


#38 Re:Please Test Talkback

by Kovu <>

Tuesday June 1st, 1999 5:36 PM

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we can say anything on this one! In that case, view the mysterious Cow Beetle at <> click on the cars and they get bigger

BTW, AOL now owns Winamp. (They just bought out Nullsoft) They're building MP3 stuff into AOL, and Netcenter (and Compuserve and ICQ (but the former is strange because they users numbers and commas instead of letters and periods (so <> would be 1543298@aol,com or some messed up crap like that, if you're going to be different, like, have a reason?) and the latter needs to remember what it is, a chat protocol, it does not need to be my everything, just my ICQ; and at least have a downscale version for those of us who would like ON-OFF and a list of names again, i.e., if they want to turn it into a portal, have a non-portal version like they do with IM and Netscape AIM for those of us who are perfectly happy with Netcenter

(they give you 11MB of Web space to help them test their Netcenter Web page thing. Just go to Netcenter and click on Home Pages under the heading, really it accepts frames and all but with a Netcenter banner dead center/top of your page))) ? oh, hell ))