MozPlug - Encapsulated Gecko Engine for RealBasic

Sunday May 30th, 1999

Arielb has this news for Mac developers:

"Essence Software is working on a mozilla plugin for RealBasic 2. Check out the mozplug site here."

#5 Re:MozPlug - Encapsulated Gecko Engine for RealBas

by locka <>

Tuesday June 1st, 1999 1:20 PM

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Sorry to distract people away from Tinky Winky, La La, Dipsy and Po, but I thought RealBasic supported ActiveX?

If it did, wouldn't that mean they could reuse the existing control code rather than reimplementing everything from scratch? It would have the pleasant side effect of making it very easy for developers to port Win32 IE code to the Mac using Mozilla since the API would be the same.