M6 Out!

Saturday May 29th, 1999

M6 is out, and you can get it here. Right now there are only Win32 and Linux builds, but others can't be far behind.

Release notes are here.

Thanks to Henrik Lynggaard and sj12fn for the news.

#30 Re:M6 Out!

by random static <>

Wednesday June 2nd, 1999 3:14 PM

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runs fairly steadily for me. slow as molasses flowing uphill in freezing weather, but steadily.

displays my homepage more or less how i want it, which is good for me, since it means i've probably gotten the CSS more or less right... but breaks horribly on the one CGI-generated page. something in the netlib? okay, i wrote the CGI, but it works fine with NS 4.x and everything else...

doesn't seem to do frames either. then again, i tested that out on a CGI-generated frameset too, so it might be the same bug.

making definite progress, but it'll need four or so more of these milestones before it's done right. i only hope somebody spends some time speeding it up.