M6 Out!

Saturday May 29th, 1999

M6 is out, and you can get it here. Right now there are only Win32 and Linux builds, but others can't be far behind.

Release notes are here.

Thanks to Henrik Lynggaard and sj12fn for the news.

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by Erik Arvidsson <>

Wednesday June 2nd, 1999 4:16 AM

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Slow, sloow, slooow...

Gecko has introduced a new abreviation, SDHTML, as in Static DHTML :-(

I tried doing a document.write inside a loop that looped 256 times (and the HTML code was very simple) and it took 30 seconds to display the page on a P2 339MHz. The same page tries to alter the style through the DOM level 2 and this takes about the same time (27s). This page is slow in IE as well. It takes about 0.10s to display it and 0.5s to alter the style. See for yourself at <>