M6 Out!

Saturday May 29th, 1999

M6 is out, and you can get it here. Right now there are only Win32 and Linux builds, but others can't be far behind.

Release notes are here.

Thanks to Henrik Lynggaard and sj12fn for the news.

#23 Re:M6 Out!

by kerz <>

Monday May 31st, 1999 11:44 AM

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For anyone having problems, some solutions have come up that are worth mentioning again...

1. Everytime you get a new version (nightly and/or Milestone) ALWAYS delete the mozregistry.dat from C:\windows or C:\winnt.

2. Never install over a previous release. This is especially true for Milestone releases. The file locations seem to change drastically between milestones, and this will cause it to load older, possibly broken files.

3. If further problems arise, be sure to delete any mozilla related files in your temp directory. This caused a crash for me constantly.

If these remedies don't help you, file a bug @ bugzilla - <> .