Mozilla Widget For GTK+

Thursday May 27th, 1999

ZuperDee has this news: "Mozilla can now be embedded as a GTK+ widget, with GtkMozilla, much the way Adam Lock's ActiveX wrapper allows Mozilla to be embedded as an ActiveX control."

#7 Re: CPT - embedding in Netscape

by Adam Lock <>

Friday May 28th, 1999 3:20 AM

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It is possible to compile npmozctl.dll with ActiveX control container plugin support for Communicator 4.x. This isn't enabled by default, but when it is you can copy npmozctl.dll to your plugins/ directory and Communicator 4.x can host any ActiveX control. So you could embed the Mozilla (or IE) control inside a 4.x. browser if you wished.

The NCompass ActiveX plugin would also let you do this too.

Whether there is any point to this is another matter (aside from the coolness factor).