Mozilla Widget For GTK+

Thursday May 27th, 1999

ZuperDee has this news: "Mozilla can now be embedded as a GTK+ widget, with GtkMozilla, much the way Adam Lock's ActiveX wrapper allows Mozilla to be embedded as an ActiveX control."

#6 Re:Mozilla Widget For GTK+

by zuperdee

Friday May 28th, 1999 1:26 AM

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Funny you bring up Motif; I have been trying to find out just what is going on with this. I have even tried to compile a Motif version, as there does appear to be some Motif code in the tree. However, I found that it will not compile. I spoke to some people in mozilla.general about it, and they told me that the Motif branch basically fell into a state of bitrot, though it looked like somebody was starting to check in some fixes... But it STILL won't compile. I then filed a bug report on it, and found out that nobody seems to know what exactly is going on with it... So I somehow ended up with the bug assigned to me. :-) I don't know much C/C++, but I have decided all the same to give it a shot and try to fix the Motif code... Anybody out there want to help me?? My e-mail address is out here! Please write me if you want to help.