Mozilla Widget For GTK+

Thursday May 27th, 1999

ZuperDee has this news: "Mozilla can now be embedded as a GTK+ widget, with GtkMozilla, much the way Adam Lock's ActiveX wrapper allows Mozilla to be embedded as an ActiveX control."

#1 Re:Mozilla Widget For GTK+

by arielb

Thursday May 27th, 1999 5:53 PM

Screenshots: news:// for the help browser and news:// for the simple browser

#2 Re:Mozilla Widget For GTK+

by CPT

Thursday May 27th, 1999 7:25 PM

So, when are they going to embed it in Netscape? I mean, every couple o' months you hear something like "gecko embedded in Teletubbie's belly" and Netscape still has the same rendering bugs.

I'd like to put on my web pages "looks best in Netscape" but now I couldn't truthfully do that. If I wanted to do something like that, and still be an honest person, I'd have to write "due to much re-writing, looks halfway decent in Netscape, but looks much better in IE 5.0, GTK, and a teletubbie's gut, so feel free to look at Twinkie-Winkies's torso or Darth Billious's latest tool for destroying the rebellion."

#3 Re:Mozilla Widget For GTK+

by CPT

Thursday May 27th, 1999 7:32 PM

On the other hand, maybe I'm being impatient.

Did I mention I saw SW:TPM Wednesday because I couldn't wait for the weekend?

I can hear Yoda now: "impatience leads to compromise; compromise leads to proprietarism, bugs and non-standards; proprietarism, bugs and non-standards lead to suffering."

#4 Re:Mozilla Widget For GTK+

by QT

Thursday May 27th, 1999 11:53 PM

anyone want to develop a Qt widget?

#5 Re:Mozilla Widget For GTK+

by arielb

Friday May 28th, 1999 12:05 AM

qt mozilla work stopped at mozilla classic. That's too bad-maybe someone will show some leadership and bring mozilla to qt (and motif too)

#6 Re:Mozilla Widget For GTK+

by zuperdee

Friday May 28th, 1999 1:26 AM


Funny you bring up Motif; I have been trying to find out just what is going on with this. I have even tried to compile a Motif version, as there does appear to be some Motif code in the tree. However, I found that it will not compile. I spoke to some people in mozilla.general about it, and they told me that the Motif branch basically fell into a state of bitrot, though it looked like somebody was starting to check in some fixes... But it STILL won't compile. I then filed a bug report on it, and found out that nobody seems to know what exactly is going on with it... So I somehow ended up with the bug assigned to me. :-) I don't know much C/C++, but I have decided all the same to give it a shot and try to fix the Motif code... Anybody out there want to help me?? My e-mail address is out here! Please write me if you want to help.

#7 Re: CPT - embedding in Netscape

by Adam Lock

Friday May 28th, 1999 3:20 AM

It is possible to compile npmozctl.dll with ActiveX control container plugin support for Communicator 4.x. This isn't enabled by default, but when it is you can copy npmozctl.dll to your plugins/ directory and Communicator 4.x can host any ActiveX control. So you could embed the Mozilla (or IE) control inside a 4.x. browser if you wished.

The NCompass ActiveX plugin would also let you do this too.

Whether there is any point to this is another matter (aside from the coolness factor).

#8 Re:Mozilla Widget For GTK+

by arielb

Sunday May 30th, 1999 1:02 AM

zuperdee, setting up a Mozilla in Motif website is a good way to get people interested in the project. Then you get a newsgroup...btw someone is also doing mozilla in xlib without using any x toolkit.

#9 Re:Mozilla Widget For GTK+

by zuperdee

Sunday May 30th, 1999 2:05 AM

Thanks, arielb! I will start a webpage... That will be my next project!

I have some idea how to do this... I have a website of my own at the moment on Geocities (though I really want to get out of there, cause they are getting pretty cheesy)... But how do I setup a newsgroup?

#10 Re:Mozilla Widget For GTK+

by Aaron

Wednesday June 2nd, 1999 11:33 AM

> But how do I setup a newsgroup?

Check out the new They have something called "communities" which are your own newsgroup. When you create a community they set you up with your own site with polls and everything.