MozillaZine's ChromeZone Now Open!

Monday May 24th, 1999

Steve Morrison, creator of the XULTool, has joined MozillaZine (as some of you may already know). He has been hard at work getting the XULTool working on our site, and we're pleased to announce that the ChromeZone is now online.

Now, with a simple form, you can change the look and feel of Mozilla, and create your own themes! You can also choose from some ready-made themes we have available. You can also send your own themes to ChromeZone for addition to our site.

So, fire up apprunner and head over to the chromeZone.

We got a lot of great entries for our little "name our new chrome area" contest, but in our final vote, "ChromeZone" came out on top. A number of people submitted the name "ChromeZone" or a variation for our contest. Clayton Scott was the first, however, and his prize is a stuffed Mozilla doll from Netscape. I know we didn't promise any prizes for the contest, but we wanted to give something to the winner.

Thanks to everyone for you contributions, and if you have any suggestions for the chromeZone, let us know.

#79 Re:MozillaZine's ChromeZone Now Open!

by SomeSmartAss <>

Wednesday May 26th, 1999 1:06 PM

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"This 'little' difference as you put it will be the difference between broad acceptance vs. a teenage fad. "

Now, since this ChromeZone (fancy-shmancy bells & whistles) news item here suddenly generated 77+ messages in three days versus the original MathML (actual, specification approved functionality) item that generated 3 responces in almost 2 weeks; it looks like Chromes will be a little more than "a teenage fad" (granted, you could pull 20 messages out of here due to double postings, but still) face it, this stuff is here to stay.

"Many good products out there have flat out failed simply because the UI was designed haphazardly... "

See, now thats where the beauty of XUL comes in... by the time mozilla goes bata, we'll have created, and tweeked, various skins to be designed quite intuitively. And if you think that people won't use something, or corperations won't buy it, because its got a clunky interface, please explain Lotus Notes to me then....

BTW MozillaSupporterNOTAssKisser, are you going to submit your "N4Classic" scheme to ChromeZone?