MozillaZine's ChromeZone Now Open!

Monday May 24th, 1999

Steve Morrison, creator of the XULTool, has joined MozillaZine (as some of you may already know). He has been hard at work getting the XULTool working on our site, and we're pleased to announce that the ChromeZone is now online.

Now, with a simple form, you can change the look and feel of Mozilla, and create your own themes! You can also choose from some ready-made themes we have available. You can also send your own themes to ChromeZone for addition to our site.

So, fire up apprunner and head over to the chromeZone.

We got a lot of great entries for our little "name our new chrome area" contest, but in our final vote, "ChromeZone" came out on top. A number of people submitted the name "ChromeZone" or a variation for our contest. Clayton Scott was the first, however, and his prize is a stuffed Mozilla doll from Netscape. I know we didn't promise any prizes for the contest, but we wanted to give something to the winner.

Thanks to everyone for you contributions, and if you have any suggestions for the chromeZone, let us know.

#21 Re:MozillaZine's ChromeZone Now Open!

by kidzi

Tuesday May 25th, 1999 4:02 PM

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To wasteoftime and the other one,

You two have no concept what open source means. It allows power to those 'minorities' you say we should ignore, the power to create something that nobody has created yet. Since people like that are the ones building this program, I think they can make whatever they want.

We should be thankful they are not as closeminded as you and that they DO offer solutions for the other 90% of people as well.

This is not a capitalist group like Microsoft, Mozilla can not be squashed. As long as it is successful in the eyes of those working hard at it, and progress is made, then it will continue forward --- and there is a LOT of progress. Linux is a good example of what CAN happen.

Mozilla, being open source, means WHO cares if it is not as SUPER as IE for the first year or TWO even ... as long as the programmers keep plugging away, we WILL catch up, and with a more modular and open interface at that, allowing for quicker additions of entire proposals, (MathML, XML, CSS 1/2, etc... COMPLETE additions)

IE will not shrink in size any time soon, so as long as those Mozilla crack coders keep making it, with their eye on performance and size, soon there will be more than enough features to swamp IE.

Plus, you never know what will happen to Microsoft after it passes these court situations it keeps running up against.

I must state, i know that not all the programmers are on linux, hell, i'm not on linux ... but I do watch the development and LOVE the idea of a customizable modular browser.

And if you two do not appreciate what this will enable for the whole industry by the end of the year when there is some quality product released, then you can just go to Microsoft or maybe start your own browser with one interface that works on windows NT which crashes all the time and will not work for anyone, as people begin to switch to linux:)

XUL is an incredibly powerful and incredibly brilliant idea. Congrats Mozilla team on all your hard work!!

(sorry it's so long..)