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Sunday May 23rd, 1999

Reader MPT has submitted to us an article in response to some statements about Mozilla and MathML made in a previous forum. Click Full Article below to continue.

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#8 Re:Reader Opinion: MathML's Viability

by Flip Kromer <>

Sunday May 23rd, 1999 11:25 PM

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Another point:

MathML, from what I hear, has tight integration into Mathematica 4, and I am sure the other computer algebra packages will follow suit.

Image if Eric's Treasure Trove <http://www.astro.virginia…edu/~eww6n/math/math.html> were in MathML. For the combinatoric function mentioned in MPT's article, I could go there, look for "Choose", realize that I want a "Binomial Function," and then paste the equation right into Mathematica.

Or imagine if the LANL preprint archive used MathML instead of TeX. If I noticed an error in someone's paper I could drop the section into Mathematica, use it to isolate or verify the problem, and email the author with a solution. If the author used Mozilla as a mail reader she would see the equations in the text of the email.

For a scientist or mathematician this is a huge win.