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Sunday May 23rd, 1999

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#7 Oh, crap

by mpt

Sunday May 23rd, 1999 8:50 PM

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Joshua, FrodoB: you're right -- I've only just realized that JSDT was being sarcastic in describing MathML as a bad idea! Oh dear ... Since I disagreed with the rest of his post, I naturally assumed he was being serious. :-)

Gregory: I'm not saying that a math applet would `get its parameters via HTTP download of a parameter document'. I'm not sure what you're referring to here.

If you're talking about my reference to an extra HTTP request, that's because the math would be stored in a separate file from the HTML (I don't think you could pass it as a <param>, because it would contain XML tags). If, on the other hand, you're talking about the applet getting environment variables (font, window size etc), I was suggesting that they would have to be passed from the browser to the applet using a standard format (XML or RDF).

-- mpt