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Sunday May 23rd, 1999

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#21 RE: MathML's weakness (IMHO)

by Freakazoid

Thursday May 27th, 1999 4:00 PM

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"Because pure-science/pure-math geeks are even more anal and exclusinary than computer Geeks."

Actually, I am a "pure-science" physics geek myself. I deal with some ugly formulae. The output from my data analysis program is turned into an HTML page, with gif's generated on the fly; can't get much geekier than that.

My whole point is that the fact that MathML is used with HTML is kind of weird, since HTML NEVER does what I want it to. Now if MathML let you format an entore DOCUMENT, that would be much better.

"I don't think that all those "Notepad-Comanders" out there will be rushing out to include quantum theories on their home-pages anyways."

Hey, I'm an Emacs-Commander, thank-you. No self-respecting science nerd will run Windows but Linux, will use vi or emacs, and write papers in LaTeX or TeX. All my graphs are generated in Gnuplot. I also deal with quantum theory of lattice vibrations in crystals (phonons), thank you!