Another Article Regarding Mozilla's "Reawakening"

Thursday May 20th, 1999

Another article on Gecko's burgeoning acceptance...

Mpt writes, "PCWorld On-line has an article on Gecko. Trouble is, it's full of simple mistakes: `Gecko will power the Netcenter Web site' (eh?); `Netscape officials are tight-lipped about specific Gecko features' (really? I thought Gecko was open-source!); `So far, industry leaders haven't embraced Gecko' (industry leaders? are PCWorld expecting Microsoft to use it, or something?); and last but not least, `NeoPlanet also led development of an ActiveX control ...' (oh dear, not that again).

I've written to PCWorld suggesting that they, ah, improve the truth quotient in the article -- but I'm not holding my breath."

#5 Re:Another Article Regarding Mozilla's

by Adam Lock <>

Friday May 21st, 1999 5:58 AM

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The article sounds like the regurgitated press release that Netscape put out a few days ago.

Regarding Mozilla powering Netcenter. Obviously Mozilla won't be in Netcenter per se, but it is highly likely that the site (like many others) will have value added content specially designed for Mozilla. In particular since Mozilla supports RDF and a dynamic UI via XUL, it's likely that Netcenter will use it to produce a custom webtop (or "digital dashboard" to use the latest MS BS) far more sophisticated than either My Yahoo! or My Netscape can provide today.

And that's just the beginning. Mozilla is not just a web browser; it's a sophisticated internet-enabled, cross-platform application framework. The number of ways that it could be used are mind-boggling.