Should Corporations Standardize On One Browser?

Thursday May 20th, 1999

Maximum Overlord has some interesting news:

"I've just received from Gartner group an interesting little article... they suggest it's in a company's best interest *NOT* to standardize on one browser throughout the enterprise."

#8 Fighting Dirty

by -=Yusuf=- <>

Sunday May 23rd, 1999 8:22 AM

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Yes, Office 2000 and the rest use IE exclusively I believe, I haven't used them but knowing MS's strategies, there will *not* be an option to switch your default browsing engine to some other app.

And Office et al are used by a hell of a lot of companies, institutions, etc. And these companies will be forced to switch to IE because of their WordProcessors! The whole question of shipping IE with the OS becomes moot, because it'll just sneak in with Office.

-=Yusuf=-, incoherently babbling.