Should Corporations Standardize On One Browser?

Thursday May 20th, 1999

Maximum Overlord has some interesting news:

"I've just received from Gartner group an interesting little article... they suggest it's in a company's best interest *NOT* to standardize on one browser throughout the enterprise."

#5 Re:Should Corporations Standardize On One Browser?

by PhiSch <>

Friday May 21st, 1999 12:31 PM

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We are using both browser on our systems, because there are some companies out there, that create IE only websites. But most of the people working for me us NN / NC. I think, as long as there is a frewdom of choice it is fine. And I choose NN, because I am afraid of the Microsoft Monopoly, and because Microsoft Software is not very good. It is just a fact, that a Company that has a monopoly does not care about its Products.

I hope that Gecko is so good, fast and small, that I can use it with my cell fone in a year or so.

Cause this is something, a 60MB+ IE can't do.

take care

Phil (Germany)