Should Corporations Standardize On One Browser?

Thursday May 20th, 1999

Maximum Overlord has some interesting news:

"I've just received from Gartner group an interesting little article... they suggest it's in a company's best interest *NOT* to standardize on one browser throughout the enterprise."

#4 Re:Should Corporations Standardize On One Browser?

by zaw <>

Friday May 21st, 1999 8:37 AM

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here IS peoples are try to standardlize the browser because they think it'll save company time and money to make internal webpages they do have to fight with cross browser codes, if all the employees use one browser. They simply choose IE because it comes bundle with windows. (Engnieers are not as smart as you think when they comes to installing software on their desktop.) Our CEO's or whoever think that if we use IE just install the Windows98 and Office 97 and some other application they are set. If they use NN or NC or other browser, they have to install application above + NN or NC and support them.