Should Corporations Standardize On One Browser?

Thursday May 20th, 1999

Maximum Overlord has some interesting news:

"I've just received from Gartner group an interesting little article... they suggest it's in a company's best interest *NOT* to standardize on one browser throughout the enterprise."

#2 Re:Should Corporations Standardize On One Browser?

by WaCkO!

Thursday May 20th, 1999 11:09 PM

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The company I work for use IE 4.X and FP as WEB editor and supported. Everypages are crated using FP with Wacky codes that even different version of IE can't display them.

Me and other rebels in my depertment use NN or NC. I created some webpages using a real HTML editor, codes are clan and validated with w3c. The person who take care of the webspace use FP open them and put garbage code in there like <nobr> or   everywhere.

What am i talking about here?