Will Navigator Get Its Own Dialup Service?

Wednesday May 19th, 1999

Joel Caris has this news:

"An interesting article that talks about, among other things, possible plans to set up a Netscape Internet access service hooked into Navigator (although they already have something along those lines in place through Qwest.)

I also found interesting the fact that My Netscape is the most popular personal page service, with 55 million daily page views. I think I know why that is (open channel system.)"

#7 Re:Will Navigator Get Its Own Dialup Service?

by Dan Rosen

Thursday May 20th, 1999 10:21 AM

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I like the open channel system as much as the next guy -- it's a great system. But don't believe any sort of hype about it being the primary cause of My Netscape's success. A huge chunk of those 55 million daily hits come from people who aren't quite knowledgeable (or are too lazy) to change their default home page in the Preferences dialog. This may be unimaginable stupidity to some MozillaZine readers, but it is true. The past Netscape releases have had large user interface issues trying to make simple the daunting task of configuring a huge browser, and have been mostly but not entirely successful, so a lot of people either "never get around to" or "never figure out how to" set their home page. Hence <> gets tons and tons of hits.