Will Navigator Get Its Own Dialup Service?

Wednesday May 19th, 1999

Joel Caris has this news:

"An interesting article that talks about, among other things, possible plans to set up a Netscape Internet access service hooked into Navigator (although they already have something along those lines in place through Qwest.)

I also found interesting the fact that My Netscape is the most popular personal page service, with 55 million daily page views. I think I know why that is (open channel system.)"

#18 Re:Will Navigator Get Its Own Dialup Service?

by A.C.

Friday May 21st, 1999 8:41 AM

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Way back in Netscape 3 days, I used to have a my.netscape page for a while. I was lured over to, though. I don't want to disparage my.netscape (as I haven't seen it for years), but I really think is top notch, they have been constantly improving it. Netscape's open channel (I'm assuming that's what the little mini-content boxes are called) system, though, is a great contribution, and *many* other sites use it (including Slashdot). I don't think has an open channel system. Hey, if I can get MozillaZine and Slashdot on my.netscape maybe I'll switch...