Will Navigator Get Its Own Dialup Service?

Wednesday May 19th, 1999

Joel Caris has this news:

"An interesting article that talks about, among other things, possible plans to set up a Netscape Internet access service hooked into Navigator (although they already have something along those lines in place through Qwest.)

I also found interesting the fact that My Netscape is the most popular personal page service, with 55 million daily page views. I think I know why that is (open channel system.)"

#13 Re:Will Navigator Get Its Own Dialup Service?

by Kovu <>

Thursday May 20th, 1999 6:54 PM

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Yes, I had it. They couldn't support v90 in Indianapolis. (Plus AT&T gives 6 e-mails and 30MB space for the same price as AOL 5 and 10MB, I couldn't resist).

And they haven't integratede the browser with anything, just have a Netcenter clone with Qwest label and info links. Everything else was the same. No new netscape nothing, just Qwest links.

If AOL wants to deal with Qwest, who knows. With AOL's money and clout, I see Netcenter going far as an ISP. I think Netcenter already has 17 million members, (albeit free members).