Two Notes on the Mozilla Contest

Sunday May 16th, 1999

Two quick notes for those of you working on animations for the new Mozilla throbber contest. First, please don't create Netscape-themed animations. Since Netscape and Mozilla are technically two separate entities, we need to help maintain that division, which means that we can't be branding mozilla product with Netscape brands.

Second, feel free to make as many submissions as you like, as long as the content differs from animation to animation. Our rule against multiple submissions only applies to animations that are essentially just "variations on a theme": color variations, or a rearranging of content.

And don't forget to send your snail-mail address and T-Shirt size, in case you are one of our 20 finalists.

#2 Re:Two Notes on the Mozilla Contest

by arielb

Monday May 17th, 1999 7:10 PM

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I wouldn't mind a NS 4.5 xul skin. Wouldn't that be easier than that activex stuff you're working on?