Communicator 4.6 is Out

Sunday May 16th, 1999

Netscape 4.6 is out with bugfixes and a few feature updates. Visit the Netscape FTP site to get yours.

Thanks to Henrik Lynggaard for the news.

#26 Re:Communicator 4.6 is Out

by SomeSmartAss <>

Monday May 17th, 1999 1:59 PM

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"so why waste time with parallel development?"

because joe-internet user isn't going to download a pre-alpha nightly build right now, and if they don't patch up bugs in the pre-existing release browser, joe-internet user will move over to another browser.

Not just Netscape doing it either. Neoplanet is going to release its own browser, based on the Adam Lock Gecko component; and that makes even less sence. Lets rush to release an interchangable chrome wrapper for a rendering engine that has the capability of producing interchangable chrome built in.

Look, From a business stand point, its pretty simple. Fix what you got now, so you keep the existing users happy untill you can really wow 'em with the next full release.

and on an other note,

" [Netscape]comes with a load of "value-added" crap that you can't choose not to install."

Such are the joys of ditribution partnerships. Before they bought Netscape, AOL undoubtedly paid a pretty penny to have IM bundled with Communicator. At least we will have a choice. There will undoubtedly be a Mozilla-pure browser, just as sure as there will be a "value-added" Netscape 5.0

p.s. What are the associated attributes for the <RANT> tag? I'm thinking TONE="calm/emotional/seething" EXPERTISE="none/poor/average/high" as some possibilities....