Communicator 4.6 is Out

Sunday May 16th, 1999

Netscape 4.6 is out with bugfixes and a few feature updates. Visit the Netscape FTP site to get yours.

Thanks to Henrik Lynggaard for the news.

#24 More developers!!

by -=Yusuf=- <>

Monday May 17th, 1999 11:29 AM

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No, Andrew is right:


Netscape definitely needs to stop with this buggy old crap codebase and throw the guys on that project into Mozilla. Seriously, who the hell actually CARES whether the media calls Mozilla non-opensource because it has a lot of Netscape coders on it?

The point is that the code will be free and available no matter WHAT these sh**heads call it. And code that is free and available is called ... you guessed it ... open-source!

Really, in 2 years or so, will anybody really give a sh** because there were lots of Netscape employees working on it some time ago?? I don't think so! So ignore what the media (esp. idiots like Jesse "The Luser" Berst) say, and get cracking! Read the latest status update (16 May) people, these guys WANT and NEED MORE HELP!!!


PS SomeSmartAss: It does *not* make good business sense for Netscape to keep reinventing the wheel; they already have a browser (Mozilla) that kicks IE's slimy butt back under the hole it crawled out from (even in pre-alpha!!), so why waste time with parallel development? It's stupid.