Communicator 4.6 is Out

Sunday May 16th, 1999

Netscape 4.6 is out with bugfixes and a few feature updates. Visit the Netscape FTP site to get yours.

Thanks to Henrik Lynggaard for the news.

#16 I don't see a big problem

by Jim Kingdon

Monday May 17th, 1999 6:55 AM

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Well, to me the list of features in 4.6 seemed relatively modest - that is, things they could add without much effort which would extend the life of 4.x quite a bit. I'm as eager as the next person to see 5.x take over, chiefly because of the various benefits I expect from something which is (1) open source, (2) released, and (3) componentized thanks to Adam Lock - with the combination having a synergistic effect. However, until 5.x is ready, I don't see a lot of point in geting upset about trying to keep Netscape's browser viable with 4.6.