Mozilla MathML Project Underway

Friday May 14th, 1999

David Fiddes writes in with good news.

"This is to announce that a project to support MathML has started. The aim of the project is to provide a comprehensive mathematical expression display system with the capability to edit mathematics in the Editor and translate from common typesetting languages like LaTeX/TeX."

Check out the MathML page at, and also stop in at the netscape.public.mozilla.mathml newsgroup. It's also interesting to note that the volunteers so far all have non-Netscape email addresses.

#1 Re:Mozilla MathML Project Underway

by shandy

Friday May 14th, 1999 4:03 PM

Wicked. I wish I had something like that 2 years ago, in 1st year university.

#2 Re:Mozilla MathML Project Underway

by gisburn

Saturday May 15th, 1999 1:56 PM

There should a also a HTML/MathML -> TeX converter, to complete the support

#3 Re:MathML->TeX

by Dave Fiddes

Saturday May 15th, 1999 3:13 PM

This should be fairly easy to build.

I suspect that the TeX stuff will probably end up as an add-on fairly separate from Mozilla but that depends on what folk think...and what get's coded ;)