2nd Mozilla Throbber Contest

Wednesday May 12th, 1999

That's right, the second Mozilla "Throbber" contest is now underway. What's a "throbber", you ask? The throbber is the animation on the toolbar that cycles when the browser is actively retrieving data. Recently, we have heard numerous complaints regarding the English phrases in the winning animation from the last contest. We decided that the easiest way to address these complaints would be to hold a second contest. This new contest is open to everyone (except MozillaZine staff), but determining the winner is going to be a little different this time around. All submissions will first go through an "elimination" phase. We at MozillaZine will pick our 20 favorite entries, and we will present them to all mozillaZine members for a vote. The vote will occur via a new "wishlist" functionality (which we will be publicly testing before the true contest vote).

The winner and runner-up will each receive a gift certificate (store and prize amount yet to be determined), and the 20 finalists will all receive T-Shirts from Click here to see the image on the T-Shirts.

First, some disclaimers. There are no guarantees that the throbber will be used in perpetuity. There is always the possibility that a spec will change, or's needs will change, or another factor will weigh in to require a change to a new animation (as occurred with the previous winning entry). Essentially, we cannot make any guarantees about how long the winning entry will be in the mozilla code as the default. Also note that this contest applies to the Mozilla code only, not to any Mozilla-derived Netscape product. (And or course, if we choose something offensive or illegal, mozilla may not be able to use it at all.)

Please send your entries to Do not post links to them in the talkback forum of this article. Attach your entry in GIF format, your name, and include in your message your full name and a physical address to which we could send a prize. Also include your T-Shirt size, in case you are a finalist. We will send a brief verification of receipt to all entrants, so please have a valid Reply-To. If you do not want your email address made public, please be sure to make a note of that in your submission. If you do not receive a verification of receipt from us within a few days, please feel free to follow up.

Here are the rules for the contest:

  • The animation must be 32x32 in size. 2 animations are required for apprunner, one 32x32, and one 16x16 (for text only navbars). For this contest, we will only judge the 32x32 animation, and the winner will then have to create a 16x16 animation in a similar style (you can do this in advance if you want, but the 32x32 image will be the only one judged in the contest).
  • For this contest, the animation must be 30 frames long, and the first frame will be used as the "resting" frame, for when the browser is not actively retrieving data.
  • the speed of the animation can run anywhere between 3 and 8 frames per second (since this particular aspect of the spec hasn't been ironed out, the final result may be slower or faster than your animation, but you can use this rule as a way to gauge the fluidity of your animation).
  • The animation should preferably be in the web-safe palette, although you have some palette flexibility with the new cross-platform interface. Try to use non-websafe colors sparingly if you do.
  • There should be no text in the animation. Mozilla will be used on many platforms and localized to many languages, so your animation should be as culture-neutral as possible. However, use of the word "Mozilla" or the letter "m" is allowed.
  • The animation should be Mozilla-related. You don't have to use the little green mascot or the big red Mozilla, but it should be a good representative of Mozilla in some way.
  • If you submit multiple entries, each should be drastically different than your other entries. Please do not submit 100 color variations (or even 2) of the same animation. If you do send variations on a theme, only the first will be judged.
  • The contest ends June 10 at 12:00pm EST. No preference is given to entries that arrive early, so take your time to make it perfect. Soon after the June 10th deadline, the 20 finalists will be put online for the final vote.
  • MozillaZine makes no guarantees regarding copyright protection for your work. If your work is stolen, you agree to not hold MozillaZine or responsible. If you are concerned about copyright protection for your submission to the contest, you may want to reconsider submitting an entry, because anything can happen to your work once it becomes publicly available on the Internet.
  • By submitting an entry, you give the right to use your entry in their Mozilla browser.
  • MozillaZine administration reserves the right to archive all entries for display on

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