New XPToolkit Docs Coming Online

Tuesday May 11th, 1999

The XPToolkit team has been working hard to document all of the features of the new UI, and that work has begun showing up here. The new docs include how to set various items in the chrome, what is not working, and what is going to change in the future.

If you are working on your own custom UI, be sure to check this out, as it will not only explain what tags to use for each area of the UI, but also how each of the tags works and interacts with the rest of the client.

#10 Re:New XPToolkit Docs Coming Online

by pete collins <>

Wednesday May 12th, 1999 8:28 AM

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yea 4.x runs like a dog on unix i think netscape gives windows releases more attention because of the windows market and when you are poting to so many platforms it is extremely hard to run super effecient everywhere

example: my pentium 75 machine at home with win 95 opens faster than my unix machine here at work

my GNU tools run like a dog on winnt

porting software aint easy

hey M figures if they rule the world then they don't have to wory about porting

this will change